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Please find on the right side of this page what the Anima Hotel recommends in terms of lodging and restaurants in the capital city of Bahia state; Salvador.
Salvadent Denatl Clinic
The clinic of frenchman Bernard Greck beneficiates of an excellent equipment for all kind of dental needs. Also available for emergency.
site: www.salvadent.com.br
Our favorite Hotels in Salvador Our favorite restaurantes in Salvador
Casa do Amarelindo
In the heart of the Pelourinho, a true little
four-star managed by two Frenchmen, one
of them operating miracles in the kitchen.
It is one of our favorite restaurants in
the city of Salvador.
Pousada des Arts
On the outskirts of Pelourinho, in the quieter
District of Santo Antonio, a charming colonial
house with wood floors and antique furniture.
Eric will tell you about the less touristy places
to see in Salvador.
Pousada Noa Noa
In the district of Barra, with a terrasse and a
breath-taking view on the fort and the nicest
beach in Salvador. A family-like ambiance in
an early 20th century town home, managed
by a very friendly Brazilian-French couple.
Marc Le Dantec
Avenida Oceanica, 3001, Ondina
Tel.: +55 71 3331 3854
Voted best Chef in Salvador since 2003.
No comments, surprise guaranteed.
Tom do Sabor
Rua João Gomes, 249, Rio Vermelho
Tel.: +55 71 3334 5677
In a very "design-y" decor, an excellent
cuisine with live Brasilian music.
Casa do Amarelindo
Restaurante do hotel Casa do Amarelindo
Rua das Portas do Carmo, 6, Pelourinho
Tel.: +55 71 3266 8550
Hands-down the best table in Pelourinho,
and one of the best in Salvador.
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