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A private space for your tranquility in one of the ten bugalows spread across the tropical garden. Built on stilts, these bungalows are fully equiped suites, with air conditionning, LCD TV monitors with optional channels, a DVD player — ready to play one of the 250 DVDs at your disposal — a minibar, and a king size bed. Several bungalows also feature a private outdoors jacuzzi.
Praia do Encanto
The Enchanted Beach. The well-named: a true enchanting by day, in the shade of large coconut tres, and the moonlight charm at night.
Tropical Garden
Five acres of native plants, full of birds and other tropical creatures. A stream crosses through the estate, home of the "caranguejos", red and blue crabs waiting for you to be photographed.
There is so much to say about our services… one advice though: leave for a minute the air condition- ned bugalows, the restaurant and its exceptional menu, and check the testimonials of those who came before you.
Lounge / bar / swimming pool
Unlimited access to our library of books, DVDs and CDs. A place for convivial encouters and relaxation. And while you'll be enjoying a caïpirinha or a tropical fruit juice, you'll be checking our menu: fish filets in teryaki sauce? Provençal gambas paired with a wine selected for you? take your time…
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